Cute Territory Story

Today’s world can be fast paced.  Always on-the-go!  Sometimes we find that our daily lives can be challenging with the rush of the hustle and bustle, and we tend to forget what’s most important to us.  We need little reminders that bring joy, meaning and peace to each day.  Maybe we can go into a place to find quiet moments – a sanctuary.

With this in mind, I appreciate that my family including my pets, and I, have a happy, loving, safe place to live in – a space which is filled with cute creatures and lots of love. That’s our space – our very own “special, peaceful territory.”

My pets inspired me to create Cute Territory.  They have always been there with me while I have worked in my atelier in Studio City, California.  Their presence was very important to me.  I often heard my customers comment on how sweet and cute they were while they sat next to me.  Their “cuteness” inspired me and I began creating tiny and cute items to add “lightness” and “cuteness” in our lives.

And so, Cute Territory was born.  It had been on my mind everyday for a long time.  It took quite a while for me to handcraft and put all the little charms together – from finding the highest quality diamonds to designing and choosing colors and metals…

All my cute and  loving pets helped me to achieve my dream.  Each and every one of them has been an inspiration and somehow involved.  It has been a long process and it’s finally here.

And now, I want to share my cute creations with all of you, simply from my hands to yours.

I welcome you to my Cute Territory!

– Marcel


About Marcel

At the early age of 13 years old, Marcel showed a passion for art.  His calling to create handcrafted works of art began in his father’s jewelry store where he was trained in enamel and design.  Marcel’s jewelry career spans over 40 years and includes experience in the Phorzeim, Germany jewelry industry and porcelain center of Limoges, France. His expertise also extends to the restoration of estate and antique enameled pieces.

Marcel’s award winning masterpieces have been adorned by many well-known movie stars and socialites.  He is an accomplished and renowned French enamellist whose workmanship has always been admired by clients and other colleagues.  He creates his own unique designs and maintains his own special formulas of enamel (family recipes, so to speak), colors that are not available on the commercial market.

Marcel’s objets d’art are always crafted with love and dedication in every piece.  This extends to his Cute Territory line where he fuses precious metals with high quality diamonds and exclusive blends of enamel.  Each individual charm receives his full focus and attention resulting in a beautiful treasure you can cherish for years to come…